The simplest solutions can often have the most significant impact. Integrated cabinet lighting can transform a room, elevating the aesthetic, enhancing functionality and convenience, maximizing space, and even boosting your home’s value.

While “simple” when it comes to operation and integration, cabinet tech is also highly advanced and evolving all the time. With so many high-tech options available on the market, your best bet for lighting up your cabinets is to include it as part of your initial design with MOX.

Let There Be Light: Integrated Lighting Solutions

The right lighting serves a variety of purposes; it provides the right amount of illumination to the right area at the right time and it highlights the elegance and beauty of the design.

MOX Cabinetry crafts solutions not only with care – but with a variety of integrated lighting options:

Under Cabinet

Subtle and space-saving, under cabinet lighting provides the illumination you need for specific tasks. Hafele’s flush and recess-mounted options add just the right touch.

Wall and Base In Cabinet

Top manufacturers including Häfele and Richelieu make it easy to install in-cabinet lighting for your wall and base cabinets.

Puck lights, for example, light up even the darkest reaches of these spaces. This makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it, even at the back of the cabinet.

Integrated lighting can also be used effectively for aesthetics and atmosphere. Häfele’s LED Flexible Strip Light, for example, could add a lovely glow to show off your favorite China. If you have glass shelves, Richelieu’s LED Shelf Clip is designed to easily clip on and create an extraordinary illuminating effect.


We’ve all been there: We just want to find a spoon and the ice cream scooper so we can have a delicious bowl of nighttime gelato. Integrated door and drawer lighting illuminate these smaller spaces so you can quickly access everything you need. They work perfectly in the kitchen but are also fantastic in bathrooms/vanities, utility rooms, craft rooms, and closets/dressing areas.

Richelieu’s Pollux LED Cuttable Drawer Light with IR Sensor, for example, is a minimalist dream. The multi-adjustable drawer light illuminates objects whenever the drawer is opened thanks to the integrated infrared motion sensor with energy efficient LED.

Toe Kick

While this may be a neglected area, the toe kick is a great opportunity to introduce accent lighting, creating a greater sense of depth, and making your cabinetry appear more expansive. It can also provide gentle lighting at night and even help keep your space squeaky clean!

Both Häfele and Richelieu are here to shine a light on the situation. This Häfele toe kick light, for example, has an integrated motion sensor for maximum convenience and ambiance. Strip lights, such as those crafted by Richelieu are also an easy, convenient choice that enhances both style and safety.

Crafted for Life

Integrated lighting is one of the most exciting advances in cabinet tech… and it is also one of the most simple and seamless. MOX Cabinetry specializes in breaking the status quo and empowering you to enjoy – and use – custom-made solutions that are designed for better living. 

To learn how to integrate lighting seamlessly into your spaces, connect with the MOX team.

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