They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

It’s a standard lament tossed in every direction, from automobiles and appliances to shoes and television shows. Oftentimes, it’s entirely accurate! Exhibit A: Your grandmother’s ancient Frigidaire works just fine and you’re on your third replacement in a decade.

What about cabinets?

Yes. And no. MOX Cabinetry does indeed make ‘em like they used to when it comes to the craftsmanship infused into each join, box, frame, and door. Never losing sight of time-honored woodworking techniques, we have also embraced cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure the highest quality in every custom creation. It is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation – and it is in our blood.

Old School Is In Session

Woodworking is as much an art as it is a science. At MOX, our master craftsmen have honed their skills over collective decades, following a tradition that was laid out centuries ago. This is exemplified by the meticulous care – and the time – we put into each product. We do not cut corners (metaphorically speaking!), and good enough… isn’t.

For example, we only use the highest quality materials to ensure industry-leading durability and strength. From hardwoods (alder, cherry, maple, and red oak) and specialty woods (rift white oak, sapele, and walnut) to manufactured options (MDF, laminate, PET, and TSS) we put nothing into our cabinets that will not stand the test of time, and we back that up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For as long as you own and occupy your home, your MOX cabinetry will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. If a product does not meet our exacting standards, it’ll never make it into your home.

Heritage, Meet Innovation

While honoring traditional methods of woodworking, MOX recognizes that there are inherent limitations in a conventional approach. Challenging the status quo, we have integrated innovative high-tech methods and automation. The result for customers: A streamlined custom experience that ensures their cabinetry meets their lifestyle needs.

We also acknowledge that today’s homeowner wants both the quality of conventional cabinet-making and features that align with life in the 21st century. We meld “old” and “new” in several ways:

  • Incorporating manufactured materials. Hardwood is the traditional choice, but we do not limit ourselves to oak and walnut. Top quality manufactured materials, including laminates, soft touch laminates, MDF, PET, and TSS, allow us to customize products to your specific needs, style, and budget without compromising on the integrity of the cabinets. Additionally, there is a broad array of finishes available today that our predecessors could only dream of; with these, you can achieve a sophisticated, durable result that’ll last beautifully for decades.
  • Integrating contemporary touches with heritage craftsmanship. It’s possible to respect the past and utilize modern technology. MOX can, for example, boost functionality and aesthetic appeal with integrated lighting. This wouldn’t have been possible generations ago.
  • Prioritizing environmental responsibility. Conventional woodworkers had a true respect for their resources. We bring this level of care to our work today, adhering to all federal and state regulations in our field. MOX adheres to eco-friendly practices, utilizes TSCA Title VI-compliant products (e.g. particleboard, plywood, wood veneer panels ,etc.), and, whenever possible, repurposes materials to minimize our impact on the environment.

The MOX Cabinetry Difference

Every one of our cabinets is crafted for better living, and, to MOX, this means blending traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation. We make ‘em like they used to – with a few key updates! This approach enables us to deliver exceptional quality and custom cabinetry that enhances your home and lifestyle.

Learn how the MOX Cabinetry Difference will make all the difference in your space. Connect with our team.