Why is it that no matter what you are looking for – whether your champagne flutes, oregano, 10-inch skillet, glass cleaner, or your favorite bottle of Merlot – it is always at the very back of the cabinet? It seems so anyway. It is all too easy for cabinets to become cluttered and for finding the right item at the right time to become an exercise in frustration. Cabinet organization may not be your first thought when it comes to designing or remodeling a space, but it should be high on your priority list.

MOX Cabinetry offers a wide array of cabinet storage and organization solutions from top manufacturers, installed professionally by MOX’s skilled team. Including these solutions as part of your cabinetry design allows you to achieve both your aesthetic and practical goals – and win the organization battle once and for all!

Cabinet Organization and Storage Solutions

You want a beautiful space, as well as one that is practical and convenient. Organizers for the kitchen, pantry, utility room, and other functional rooms are a must. Not only do they help keep areas clean and uncluttered, but they also save you time and money. No more hunting for that specific spice or rebuying items that are hiding in the back.

MOX offers several options to ensure that you have access to the solutions that make the most sense for your needs:

Häfele: Inspired Kitchen Solutions

This century-old, legendary manufacturer prides itself on “Thinking Ahead” and has made innovation and evolution an intrinsic part of its DNA. Häfele specializes in empowering people to make the most of their space. In addition to the expected spice racks, pull-out waste and recycling bins, pull-out baskets, and lazy susans, they also offer a range of solutions that turn disarray into order.

For example, you can opt for a cut-to-size Maple Wine Lattice or a White Oak Wine Storage Rack to ensure your favorite wine is always at hand! Or you can select a moveable clip-on divider to create shelf compartments that can keep up with your needs.

Why not transform a small area into an organizational dream with a pull-out pantry frame with full extension soft close sides for discrete storage? Turn a blind corner cabinet into an easily accessible, orderly unit? Ensure items are easily reachable with the iMove pull-down shelving (perfect for high cabinets – or shorter people!).

Häfele helps bring order, calm, and elegance to any space.

Century Made: Relentless Innovation for High-Quality Cabinet Accessories

Century Made strives to create only the most beautiful, functional, and highest-quality products. At Century, products are produced by hand by their highly skilled craftsmen, receiving only top–notch care and the highest attention to detail. From simple Drawer Organizers to a full Cutting Board Pull – Out, you will know you have chosen a top-tier product.

Richelieu: Take Your Kitchen Storage to the Next Level

Richelieu makes cabinet organization effortless. With the right accessories, you can tame the clutter, improve access, and always find the thyme in no time. Undoubtedly, you will especially appreciate innovations like the pull-down cabinet system.

Let’s face it: there is never enough counter space, and it tends to be a clutter magnet. This system is installed at the rear of an upper cabinet. When a spice, utensil, or other small item is needed, for example, you simply pull the unit down, make your selection, finish your meal prep, and slide it back up for maximum discretion.

Richelieu also offers an assortment of pull-out options, such as pantries and sliding frames for base cabinets. You can store anything from knives and utensils to oils and vinegars to cutting boards and cleaning supplies, removing clutter from countertops and drawers, and optimizing access.

Vauth Sagel: Your Space Is Precious

Not everyone has – or wants – a 300 or 400 square foot kitchen. But you do want the easy accessibility, outstanding organization, seamless storage, and aesthetic appeal of an uncluttered, user-friendly space. Vauth Sagel is a master of making the most of each square inch – because, as they remind us, space is precious.

Their ENVI Space XX Pro, for example, is a “big help in a small cabinet.” It’s an insert that divides cabinets into logical, usable spaces. This not only aids organization, it keeps smaller items from getting lost inside base cabinets.

You know that space wasted in blind corner cabinets? Vauth Segal makes imminently usable with products like COR Flex, various COR susans (e.g. full, pie cut, kidney shapes), and swing out shelves that make even the farthest corner easy to reach. Available in Lava (black), Silver, White, and Platinum, complementing your aesthetic is not only possible but simple.

Crafted with Care – Crafted for You

Sometimes the most valuable solutions are the ones we cannot see. Manufacturers like Häfele, Century, Richelieu, and Vauth Segal are specialists in discretion; their products are dynamic, practical, and helpful – while being virtually invisible. This allows the beauty and elegance of the cabinetry to shine through. 

Learn more about adding these innovative solutions to your home design with custom made-for-you cabinetry, connect with MOX today.