Crafted with Character

It’s more than a tagline; this is how MOX does business. Each piece is crafted not only with the highest level of technical expertise, skill, and innovation, but with care and character. MOX made-to-order cabinetry reflects the unique personalities of each client, allowing you to make your vision of beauty and style, a reality. We strive to uncover your preferences and aspirations to craft your cabinetry with character that matches.

Crafted with Care

It matters who your cabinetry comes from; it matters who crafts solutions for your life. Our values show up directly in our work:
  • Excellence: Be the best can we at what we do – no matter what we do.
  • Accountability: The buck stops here. Accountability starts and ends with us.
  • Grit: Exhibit passion and perseverance that empowers us to overcome any obstacle.
  • Communication: Communicate openly, honestly, effectively, and often. We value truth over harmony.
  • Teamwork: Be we, not me. We work together. We win together.
 These traits are ingrained in our DNA and work.